Continuing the One-Hundred Year tradition of
Adventist Medical Care

Conventional and Natural health care.
You are in charge of your health care!


Statement of Philosophy:

DISEASE is the body's effort to correct conditions that have resulted from violation of natural law.

HEALTH results from co-operating with natural law. It is the harmonious working of the body in optimal condition.

THE DOCTOR'S ROLE is to make the diagnosis (finds out what is wrong) and to assist the patient in correcting the problem. You have the primary responsibility for your health care.


Our Location

STARTHealthcare is now operating as a virtual clinic. That means that there is no physical location to be seen as a patient. This website is maintained for its health-education value. Dr. Foster is dedicated to helping you maintain and improve your health which is a gift from God.  Freedom of choice has two effects:

a) we can grow in experience and develop maturity.  

b) we are responsible for our choices.

Free downloadable textbook on health that is available in multiple languages.

 This is an understandable guide to health explaining things that you can do to have good health.  To download this book please click here.