Key to Abbreviations Spirit of Prophecy Writings


Key to Reference Abbreviations

1SM Selected Messages Volume 1

3SM Selected Messages Volume 3

5BC Volume 5 Seventh-day Adventist Bible Commentary Ellen G. White quotation

18MR Manuscript Releases Volume 18

16MR Manuscript Releases Volume 16

21MR Manuscript Releases Volume 21

BEcho Bible Echo perodical

DA Desire of Ages by Ellen White

GC Great Controversy by Ellen White

HP In Heavenly Places a daily devotional by Ellen White

LHU Life Him UP a daily devotional by Ellen White

PP Patriarchs and Prophets by Ellen G. White followed by page number

RH Review and Herald periodical

SC Steps To Christ by Ellen White

ST Signs of the Times periodical

TMK That I May Know Him a daily devotional by Ellen White

UL Upward Look a daily collection of quotations from Ellen White

YI Youth's Instructor Periodical