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Just do it!



What does "Do Lifestyle" mean? To answer that question we need to know what a definition of disease is:


Disease is the condition of the body as a result of the body's attempts to correct the ill-effects of violating natural law.


"Do Lifestyle" means:

co-operating with the body's efforts to restore a proper condition of things in the body in order to overcome disease and to restore health by co-operating with natural law .


For Example:

There are many very common conditions that have inflammation as a common denominator that will all respond to similar natural treatments. A partial list of conditions with chronic inflammation of muscle, tendons, or bursa (a lubricating sack of tissue designed to protect prominent bony points like the elbow or enhance movement between muscles and tendons) include:





Dequevain's disease

tennis elbow

heel spur

plantar fasciitis All these may become long-standing, painful conditions 
that are sometimes resistant to conventional treatments. They all represent the body's attempts to resolve chronic irritation of muscle, tendon, or bursal tissue. "Do Lifestyle" means making those changes in your daily life that will assist the body in overcoming the chronic irritation-caused inflammation. Some simple home remedies may at times may greatly assist and hasten healing.


A sample "Do Lifestyle" prescription might include the following:


1. Retire to bed 20 minutes early for more rest at night.


2. For ten days avoid all refined foods that interfere with microscopic circulation such as:

flesh food, i.e. meat, sea food, etc.

whole milk, cheese, dairy fat


alcoholic drinks

soft drinks

cakes, cookies, pies, etc.


puddings and rich desserts

high fat or high sugar food

Try using whole foods, such as fruits and vegetables, legumes, whole wheat bread and other grains, and nuts.


3. Get 20 minutes of exercise each day 3-5 days a week for 2 weeks such as walking, swimming or cycling.


4. Use home anti-inflammatory treatments to assist and hasten recovery such as hot and cold showers or hot and cold hydrotherapy treatments in a tub or basin . These are explained in detail with illustrations on the back panels of this brochure.


Why "Do Lifestyle" treatments work?


Four of the many reasons lifestyle treatments work so well are:


1. The microscopic blood flow to the inflammed part is greatly increased. This helps overcome the irritation and removes the need for the inflammation to attempt to increase the blood flow through the inflammatory mechanisms.


2. Exercise improves the immune system.


3. Exercise produces natural endorphins and natural pain-coping chemicals that makes the pain of inflammation less.


4. Using natural treatments co-operates with the body's attempts of healing the conditions and has no unfavorable side effects.




Finally - Prevention:

Can these inflammatory conditions be prevented?



Using natural remedies gives you the answer to both prevention and cure. They are the same!

What Kinds of Disease can be Prevented by Lifestyle?

The chronic degenerative diseases for example:

Coronary artery diseast leading to heart attacks
Athersclerosis leading to strokes, backaches, dementias, impotence
High blood pressure
varicose veins
                            to name just a few!



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