How to Make Herbal Teas

Herbal Tea Instructions (bulk)

Bring 1 quart of water to a boil in a pot and turn heat to low.
Add the bark or root parts of the tea first, and let simmer on low 20 minutes.
Then add the leafy parts (more fine), stir them in, and place lid back on.
Turn the heat off and let the tea mixture steep (sit in the hot water) for 
    another 20 minutes.
Strain into a quart jar and this may be drunk over the next 24 hours.  
Refrigerate to keep it fresh, especially if it will go over the 24 hours.
It may be heated up again if you like it hot.

For Healing Combination (example):
    1 heaping Tbs. milk thistle (comes in seeds which may be 
        whizzed in a seed mill or coffee mill to make the properties
        more available)
    1 heaping Tbs. cornsilk
    1 heaping Tbs. passion flower
    1 heaping Tbs. peppermint
Place the milk thistle seeds (whizzed) in the boiling water and turn the heat down to a simmer.  Leave on 20 minutes.
Add the cornsilk, passion flower, and peppermint to the pot and turn off the heat.  Let sit (steep) for 20 minutes.
Strain and use over the next 24 hours.