Read the NEWSTART Radio Broadcast Script!


You could have heard Doctors Foster and McEachrane-Gross, and Doctor Scribner on KLFE Radio each Sunday 1 pm PST. 

In case you missed the broadcast, below are listed some of the subjects that were covered. The notes that were used for that radio broadcast can be seen by double clicking on that subject.

The radio broadcast scripts listed now are:





Foot and Ankle Problems

Learn about the most common sports injury and more!

The Ideal Diet

What is the Best Diet? How do you know?

Neck Pain

How to decrease or stop that "pain in my neck"!


If you want a new start in health, this is for you!


Learn how to make food your medicine!

On Being Overweight

What to do if you are too short for your weight!


Find out what is the best time of life to avoid osteoporosis.

Rest and Trust in Divine Power

This is the only place to find rest for the restless!

Sunshine and Temperance

These are two of the most effective and least costly true remedies.

Home Remedies - and Pastor M.

New Year Resolutions, Eczema, Headaches,Insomnia, and Rheumatism

Hip and Knee Pain

What is the most common cause of chronic disability in developed countries?


Low cost and high benefit advice for heahaches.


How to walk away from foot pain!


Learn the common causes and low cost cures for indigestion.


I feel tired all the time. My Doctor says I have anemia. What is that and what can I do?

Alzheimer's Disease and other Dementias

When Dad or Mom don't know where they are or what they did yesterday - what can you do?


How to Increase your Endurance, Immune function and Brain Power.


This is one of the most painful and sometimes the most chronic condition that can cause not only pain and misery - but loss of time from work.

Constipation and Colon Problems

Simple suggestions that work for pressing problems!


This is one of the most common, most damaging and most preventable diseases. Learn what low cost treatment you can do that works better than drugs!


Is there anything I can do to improve my disability?

How Exercise Goes To Your Head

Learn about the Physiology of Exercise.


What you learn here may save your life!

High Blood Pressure

Drugless help for hypertension that works.

The Immune System

Learn how to improve the system that keeps you healthy!

Gout Treatment

Is there anything for gout beyond taking the medication perscribed by my doctor?