By Ray


As our regular listeners know, NEWSTART, is an acronym standing for Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunshine, Temperance, Air, Rest, and Trust in God. These are the eight facets of the jewel of good health and the eight facets of the jewel of true treatments. Because these eight true remedies are so important we want to spend our whole hour together just focussing on these eight true remedies that prevent disease as well as cure disease.

These eight true remedies of NEWSTART are free to all. These eight true remedies are God given to mankind to heal both the ills of the body and the soul. No one remedy can cure all ills. But taken together, all eight true remedies has the power to cure any ill. When I was growing up we had a saying in our family "It's a Doctor Bokakiac's"! That meant that it was a joke, a fake medicine like the advertised Doctor Bokakiac's painless pain eradicator. Most people look with suspicion any one treatment that is reputed to heal all diseases. This reminds me of the phrase often seen with free give-away items: "Hey, its free!" What I hear is "What have you got to loose? Its free!" I always figure I have valuable time to loose. So I seldom are interested in anything free that I do not need. The point is, just because the eight true remedies are free does not mean that they are not powerful and effective. The reason they are free is because God gave them to mankind. And God cannot use the almighty dollar in His city where the streets are paved with gold. We have to charge for our time when you come to see us in the clinic. But the eight true remedies are still free to all who will take the time to try them. So lets get started.

N is for Nutrition

The original diet of virtually every civilization is a plant based diet. Certainly the diet that God gave Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden was plant food. You see God designed the human body and He designed that mankind should eat. And what mankind should eat was so important that God gave specific nutritional instructions to our first parents. More than nutritional instructions, God based His only test of loyalty given to Adam and Eve, in the area of nutrition. God said, this you may freely eat, but this you must not eat for in the day that you eat it you will surely die. So mankind ate and death has been a part of life ever since. While we can't go back, we can certainly go forward. We can't undo what we have done in the past. But we can follow the nutritional plan that God has given us for our healing and blessing from now forward.

Now nutrition is too large a subject for us to cover in one hour. This is not to attempt to do that. This is simply to say that what you eat has a profound effect on your health.

Q 1. Why does nutrition have such a profound effect on health?

It is being appreciated more and more that plant food has many healing properties. Onions and soybeans have flavonoids that reverse artery disease. Carrots and beets have carotenoids that protect the intima, the inner lining of the artery, and retards plaque formation and protects against strokes, heart attacks and diabetic neuropathy. Soybeans and yams have phytoestrogens and other phytochemicals that protect against breast cancer. Soy beans have genistein that blocks cancers developing a new blood supply and so protects the body from all kinds of cancers. Oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruits have flavols that protect the eyes from sun damage and helps to prevent cataracts. Broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, kale, and turnips contain sulforaphane that removes carcinogenic chemicals from inside the cell and protects from developing cancer of all types. Red grapes and red strawberries and blue berries have powerful antioxidants. Besides the antioxidant vitamins like vitamin C and A, and E, there are other antioxidants and a substance called resveratrol which protect and help to reverse artery disease and strokes and heart attacks. So what we are saying is that food is a veritable cocktail of chemicals that either are harmful to the body or are healing and life-giving. The food that we eat either weakens or strengthens our immune system and our whole body structure. To ensure life-giving, healing substances, plant foods are the best to eat. While we do not have the fruit of the tree of life to eat from any more, it was in love and mercy that God withdrew those phytochemicals that would have prolonged life indefinitely. Instead of the fruit of the tree, God has let the leaves of the tree hang over the wall as it were from heaven down to earth. The healing leaves and healing fruits of the trees that we do have will heal us of our diseases if we eat them and avoid the disease promoting foods like dead animal flesh and other popular poisons that so often find their way into our body temple.

Q 2. Like you said, we could spend the whole time on nutrition, it is such a big and such an important subject. Lets move on to the next letter of NEWSTART. What is the importance of exercise?

There are two things to emphasize here. First is the true adage, "If you don't use it, you lose it!" The greatest protection, apart from a plant based diet, to prevent brain decay, is to use your brain vigorously. The same is true of your bones, joints, heart, and muscles. Just like the skin toughens up and forms calluses from constant pressure, and like a thought pattern or a habit that is done over and over again forms buttons at the nerve endings called buttons, so repetitive usage of any part of the body strengthens it. Apart from the benefit of stronger bones, tendons, sinews and muscles, probably the greatest benefit is the boost that exercise gives the immune system. Every organ of the body benefits from exercise due to the increase in oxygenation of the blood due to the deep breathing that goes along with exercise. Not only is the blood better oxygenated with exercise, but the blood flow is increased all over the body. The blood flow to the brain is increased as the brain directs the exercise activity. The heart gets more blood as it pumps more blood around the body. The muscles get much more blood than at resting. And to some degree the blood flows more rapidly to every part of the body.

Q 3. So blood flow is increased, the body is strengthened in bone, muscles, and sinews as well as brain function and immune function all with exercise. It sounds that exercise is a Dr. Bokakiac remedy! The question is what exercise should I do?

Yes, exercise does decrease painful backs and joints because of natural endorphins that are natural opiates that give the body a real feeling of euphoria naturally with no let down later as happens if the same drugs are taken artificially like snorting or injecting or through the skin or lungs.

The prescription for what exercise you should do is this. First of all, if at all possible involve other people in your exercise program. This has several benefits. When you think that you have other things to do when it comes time to exercise, if you have involved someone else, you are more likely to keep the appointment as compared if the appointment is only with yourself. Second, it is much more enjoyable to exercise with someone else. The social dimension of exercise is greater than just the effect of keeping you on schedule. So you need a schedule. Plan your exercise and then work your plan. What you do must be enjoyable to you. By actual blood sample tests the effects of exercise has being measured at Loma Linda University. It was shown that those who enjoyed the exercise lowered their blood LDL, the bad cholesterol, and increased their HDL, the good cholesterol and those who did not enjoy the exercise did not get the same good results from the blood chemistries that were being monitored. So do what you can learn to enjoy. The best exercise is characterized by little efforts often repeated, like walking, cycling or swimming. What is done out of doors gives twice the benefit as compared to exercise done in-doors. It was the Germans who discovered this fact. They could not rest until they found out why. It is at least the ultraviolet effect on the body with outside exercise. This is what the German research showed. The air is fresher outside as compared to inside most of the time.

Q 4. So you are saying that walking, swimming and cycling are the best exercise activity?

Gardening, useful work, just being on your feet, whatever you are doing, is also good exercise. What you enjoy doing on your feet is good exercise.

Q 5. How long should a person exercise and how many days a week?

My suggestions are that 30 to 45 minutes a day five days a week is an excellent exercise program. Do with others that you enjoy being with, doing what you enjoy doing. This exercise will put life into your years and years onto your life.

Q 6. Each of these subjects we could spend the whole time on. But lets move on to the next letter W. W is for water. How can water be healing and life-giving?

The fact is that water is a most essential element of life and health. Youth and vitality is associated with a high water content in the body. Aging and loss of energy is associated with drying up the water content of the body. Most people are chronically dehydrated.

Q 7. What do those words mean: "Chronically dehydrated"?

Chronic means that it has been going on for more than a few months. Dehydrated means that it is dried up. The water content on the body is less than optimal.

Q 8. How does a person get chronically dehydrated or dried up? I think it is good for a person to be dry - isn't it?

No it is not good for a person to be dry with respect to water. It is good to be dry with respect to alcohol, but not with respect to water.

Q 9. How does a person's body get dehydrated?

When we talk, we lose water through our mouths. If we were to talk non-stop without drinking any water we would be dehydrated. If we are exercising and sweating, we are becoming dehydrated. Drinking a cup of coffee, takes water out of your body because of the diuretic drugs in the coffee. For each cup of coffee or coke or colas or other caffinated drink a person drinks they loose not only the water in the coffee or other caffinated drink, but an additional cup of water besides. So for each cup of coffee the person is a cup of water dried up. We loose some water through our skin which, if not replaced dries us up.

Q 10. OK so talking, breathing, exercising, just sitting there we are loosing water through our skin. If we drink coffee, we are dehydrating ourselves cup for cup. So what is the effect on the body of being dried up or dehydrated?

A person does not think as well who is dehydrated. The blood flows more sluggishly and is thicker the more dehydrated we are. This means that the blood pressure must be elevated to push the thickened blood around, so dehydration is a cause of higher blood pressure. If the blood is thicker, strokes and clots are more likely. A heart attack is more likely with thick compared to thin blood. If not only the blood, but also the cells of the body become a bit dried up, they cannot function as well and this is associated with many different symptoms. Not only can a person not think as clearly and as fast, but headaches, stiffness, sluggishness and just not feeling in the pink results from dehydration. The immune system function is decreased. The digestive system has more trouble to digest food because it more difficult for the body to make the secretions that contain the digestive enzymes to digest food. The whole body is slowed down and does not work at top efficiency if it is dried up to any degree. In the ultimate, the body temperature begins to rise and death is the end result of dehydration.

Q 11. You make dehydration sound like a serious problem!

Dehydration is a serious problem! It is a life threatening problem. There are a whole host of symptoms that the body feels when dehydrated that are seldom understood as being caused by dehydration. Chronic dehydration is a fruitful cause of many disease states.

Q 12. Are there any simple tests or ways to know if my body is dehydrated? If I am irritated or nervous does this mean that I am dehydrated?

The best way to tell if you are dehydrated is the color of your urine. If your urine is pale, water colored, then if you are irritable, it is not due to dehydration. If your urine is yellow or dark and has a smell, the more color, the more smell, the more you are dehydrated. The more you are dehydrated, certainly, the more you will be irritable. Dried up brain cells age faster than normal and do not promote calmness and good judgment.

Q 13. OK so the way not to be dehydrated is to drink water! Right?

Yes, that is exactly correct!

Q 14. So how much water do I need to drink a day?

You need to drink enough water not to be irritable and not to have colored or smelly urine.

Q 15. How much water is that on average?

An average adult needs 10 to 12 eight ounce glasses of water a day every day.

Q 16. What would your water-drinking prescription be for John or Jane Doe?

Drink a quart of tepid or warm water when you first get up in the morning. Drink nothing with meals. Drink a quart of water mid morning at least an hour before or after meals. In the afternoon drink another quart of water well before bed time. Three quarts of water between meals would make most people feel much more energy and give them an endurance that they did not think possible.

Q 17. Why would drinking water give endurance?

It has to do with the optimal function of every cell in the body, particularly the brain cells. Trained athletes were timed on a treadmill. It was the amount of water that they drank that determined how long they could stay on the treadmill. When water was forced; when they were required to drink water at intervals whether they wanted the water or not. The experiment had to be terminated after 8 hours, because the researchers did not want to be there all night. There was no fatigue on the part of the athlete on the treadmill when water was forced.

Q 18. Interesting, well we can't spend the whole time on water. What about S for sunshine? How does sunshine contribute to health? Doesn't sunshine cause skin cancer?

[See Sunshine and Temperance Program.]