Your body is designed to keep you in good health if you follow the simple but important rules you have learned these last five days. Each facet is important to help you stay free from nicotine and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In summary:

1. "I Choose Not to Smoke."

2. Deep rhythmic breathing.

3. Six to eight glasses of water daily.

4. Cold mitten friction.

5. Exercise at least three to five days a week.

6. Adequate rest, sleep and relaxation.

7. A balanced diet, cutting down the fat, sugar and cholesterol.

8. Avoid overeating.

9. Avoid alcohol, tea and coffee.

l0. Start a new hobby or a new interest.

ll. Think of all the benefits of not smoking.

l2. Medical science confirms that people with a faith in a Higher Power live

longer. They are less apt to go back to smoking. They are the most successful

in coping with everyday living. -

(Waingrow, National Clearing House on Smoking and Health, 1971.)

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